Who am I?

Digital Marketing & Communication Specialist

M.A. in Audiovisual Communication

graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid (2013). I learned everything about design, production and filmmaking

M.A. Media & Global Communication

graduated from the University of Helsinki (2012). This exchange program was, by all means, a dream come true.

I love storytelling with images

That's why I developed my software skills by learning:

IED Master

In 2014, I finished my Masters in Digital Marketing & eBusiness Management. You can read about it here.


Do you prefer working on your own CMS or building your website from scratch? No worries! I'm ready for both.

eBusiness Analyst

I've working at Janssen Spain for almost two years. I love my job, but I'm always looking for new career opportunities.


Online portfolio for Architect

Showcase of the client's most relevant & recent projects

Online portfolio for Photographer

Interactive showcase of the client's most relevant pieces